Kids Creative & Tweens Create Clubs

Our Drop In Afterschool Program is based on process art and crafts. We focus on having fun while creating using the imagination. We are not teaching how to be the next Picasso, but we work on basics. Our main goal is to keep our crafters in creative mode by encouraging them to enjoy the experience of the process instead of the results. Everyone will have a different outcome and that is the best part!

While some sessions have their theme, others are more open on what can we create with what we have in our hands to activate the kid's creativity. 

Your kids will love our studio as they are in a relaxing environment after school, having fun and making new friends.

When booking make sure you are booking at your convenience. We offer two types of booking; you can book for the entire month which give you 8 sessions through the month or half sessions either 4 Tuesdays or 4 Thursdays throughout the month. 

Check our Privacy Section for more info before booking.

Art Class